A man is not measured by power or wealth
Nor is he a man by the power of voice
For a man stands tall for all he believes
When a crowd goes blind
A man still sees...

composed for my sons Ryan, Luke & Alexander 

There are many exhibits on display to captivate and entice the inquisitive mind through knowledge

or casual indulgence. However, it was a statue dedicated to Mary Dickinson (right) clutching onto her

daughter who appeared as the outer layer for each moment the artist's craft portrays perfectly a look

that has been replicated throughout history.  And as I stood beneath the bright Texas sky, I am reminded

that in the Ukraine this look is once again being carved, not from the skill of the pallette or knife but

by man's unquenchable thirst for destruction. Therefore the Alamo, like all wars are fragile threads that

are the frayed tapestry that depicts a history - Composed on the historic site of the Alamo San Antonio.

The Writer's Page


The Writer's Page

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This is a group of innocent young lives, who should be playing, dreaming, and living safely. Instead, they are bunkered down in an underground shelter to avoid the bombs that befall their city in Ukraine.


This is young Polina, who will not celebrate her eleventh birthday. There are no words of sympathy, expressions of empathy, or

feelings of anger because the latter is what stole this young life.

Instead in her memory and those of so many children who become lost to the world we have renamed a character in the production to "Polina Rosen." Heaven has a new angel, and we have a new reason to make a difference!