At different stages in my life, I have felt unfulfilled and without purpose. I have worked in sales and marketing, radio, and as a restauranteur, but none of those jobs gave me what I was searching for… until I was asked to get on board this amazing project and play aptly named the ‘ History of Now’. The very gifted Writer/Director Jayson Bartlett offered me the position of Production Manager and I accepted. Being Production Manager to this amazing Script and Play is not a job to me, nor is it work because it has brought me to who I truly am.

I am finally immersed in something that is bigger than myself.’ History of Now’ has given me purpose and that purpose is to help breathe life into this play so that the chances for peace, love, and humanity in today’s world will be recognized by those who view it. It has also eroded those feelings of emptiness that I have silently carried within me for so long. The saturation of truth in this Play has the ability to make us look within ourselves and question our own behaviors and need to change that behavior, thereby changing the history that we are all currently writing for a better, more peaceful, and humane world for the future generations. I have been given a gift in the form of this play, and within that gift came an awareness that I can do something (no matter how small) about how my grandchildren

and great-grandchildren, and their children view our History. Will it be with disappointment

because of repeated past behavior, or will it be one of respect and pride because we did not just stand idly by nor remained silent during years of hate, inhumanity, and other atrocities that are sheltered and harbored under the umbrella of HATE! Instead, we chose to start building a foundation on which each and every future generation can add another brick of humanity for a better world. This is in part due to this play and the mirror it holds up in front of those who have seen it and absorbed its truths as I have. Therefore I urge EVERYONE to make an effort to see this profound, soul-stirring, human play! I will forever be grateful to the writer/director Jayson Bartlett and his play ‘HISTORY of NOW’ for opening up my heart and eyes to change my own behavior to create a better ‘HISTORY of NOW’!